Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

boring but addictive

this is boring but very addictive at the same time

game sucks!!

the game ad is better than the game. i would suggest more stratagy instead of just gettting bullets in to your characture. to many crazyness going on do not know where to shot first or at what without taking massive damage.

a.i? ha! no such thing!

the guys with the supposedly deployed MG who dont turn around have the bullets shot from their backs, object's shadows are a part of its structure, so you cant shoot through or move under a shadow of an object, guns look like paintball guns, its more of a run and gun kinda game, so defensive objects are more or less useless, i thought that you could duck unter them and peek up to shoot them.
+ enemies dont move damn it! i mean at all, its like they're stapled to the ground or something


Nice little shoot 'em up.

Improvements: more weapons (grenades, sniper rifle, etc). Speed up the running and walking speeds. Possibly give the terrorists some movement too.

Overall I like it :)

needs improvement

it has good qualitys but are burried under loads of crap work on animation and it is also too repeatitve