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Reviews for "°°The Cosmonaut°°"


This song is the game soul, awesome man.
And btw, so freaking catchy xD

thank god

for the AP (probably the last time I'll ever write that)

this is wonderfully addictive to listen to;
and next time tell lochie to export your music at a respectable bit rate in his shit...!

Whirlguy responds:

Haha thanks! Yeah I should have told him to raise the quality on the audio :P

Love it.

Ok i love it because the game it's in is about a Russian, i also love it because of the song itself... However,
the main part of the song, if i'm correct, is the part that's now in the background? it should be a little if not way louder then the other stuff that's now covering it up.


Great percussion song, it's a happy song



its f'ing good

its as good as the sequel