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Reviews for "-The Time Machine-"


I love it, it makes soo much scense.

Good point

If someone would invent one he will definitly go to the pass and your rite we would have know by now, but maybe he wouldn't because they'll be awared that 'change one thing, change everything'. By all means that this could be that person wouldn't even exist because of it!

I know this is a bit weird, but read this for an example:

You get born because in your moms stomach, you were the first one to get to the middle first.

So that could mean that if there was just a small change, even the tiniest change before that, you wouldn't have reached the middle first before all the other 'thousands' of sperms.

Well kinda weird but I'm just thinking, you know, time is a really confusing thing to deal with.

Great work

Hey geuss what!?!? I just invented a time machine!!!!


wow, i never thought about it like that. Good job:D

I like it, but a time machine is still possible.

Actually a time machine could still be invented since we are living in the present time and not a reproduced era ( we know this becuz no on has traveled back through time to us). Which means that every sec. is ticking for the first time. We are living our livesfor the first time and ,therefore, a time machine could still be build for the first time. However, once one is built then it could invariably change the past which would alter our memories of the future, thus changing everything in which would end the veiwing of this movie which would be deemed uneccesary. The movie is cool though...