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Reviews for "-The Time Machine-"


well maybe you can make a time machine...but maybe since time is constaint, you could only go to the future. maybe.

anyways...great flash.


you just explained why its impossible in a way which may understand every idiot who dont get physic laws ... damn its just simply impossible to make time run backwards , time may go faster or slower in right conditions but NEVER CAN BE REVERTED ... ok now ill go smash wall with my head


This is truly amazing. The music was great, and the message makes sense, although I dont think people would leave such machine within glass...but what do I know. Excellent submission. Keep them coming

Good, but not quite how physics works...

Everytime anything goes back in time and changes it, a new timeline is created, however, the old one still exists, meaning that there would be a timeline in which the first guy invented the time machine, and another where the second guy would have 'invented' it, and so on, and so forth, in reply to openminded1, have you perhaps considered that there are those among us from the future, however, have simply not made their presence known, or even, were dismissed a liars? And it isn't as simple as, for example, going back to August 9th 2001, and telling the people in that time what will happen in 1 month and 2 days, could infact be spread round to some people who believed it and were on those planes, at the point of attack, they could fight back and take control of the planes, and avoid the twin towers, at this point everyone would doubt you because your prediction did not come true in their timeline, because there was a difference (you knowing the future), but the timeline you came from would still exist, because the two only split at the point when you started to change things, and for you to exist in that way, the other you, may grow older with a different history in his life than yours, but you are still one person. Anyway, sorry about getting off topic, it was a good movie and I really like the idea of time travel =)
Keep up the good work!


very good animation and a great idea!