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Reviews for "-The Time Machine-"


wow, i never thought about it like that. Good job:D

Not bad..

Not bad..good job on the movie. The only thing I would work on would be the voices, they sound a bit too funky..good job though

he's right

that last comment was right. if you believe in the 'grandfather paradox' then this couldn't happen. what that theory states is that if you were to go back in time and kill your grandfather before he met your grandmother, than you would have never exsisted to kill him. it doesn't make sense, and it could never happen. much like this movie; it contains the same paradox. but so do almost all movies involving time travel. even (and especially) george orwell's 'time machine'.

however, on strickly entertainment value, this one was alright! best of luck in the future!


It was great and all... but it was really really pointless... If you went into the past and said you invented it, then the original creator would never have created it, meaning you'd have never gotten the idea.

Logical Flaw

This was great, I loved it, but there's one problem:

Ever see the movie The Time Machine? Say you didn't want to be born. So you go back in time and strangle your grandmother. But then you were never born, so you were never able to go back in time to strangle your grandmother. Paradox--thus, you would fail in your attempts because the fabric of the universe would be torn if you succeeded. The same goes for if YOU PERSONALLY invented a time machine for a selfish purpose--to change something. You go back in time to change it... but alas, you cannot, because if the event never happened, you would have no desire to change it, and thus, never would have invented a time machine to do so--thus you would fail in your attempts.

What I'm trying to say is that if the time machine was stolen and fake-invented thirty-odd years earlier, the man who invented it never would have invented it because it would have already existed. The funny thing is that I have no idea how time and its events would shift to correct the guy's actions--I can't think of a way that it could cause him to fail. At any rate, yeah. Great movie but, as with all time travel movies, impossible.