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Reviews for "-The Time Machine-"


you just explained why its impossible in a way which may understand every idiot who dont get physic laws ... damn its just simply impossible to make time run backwards , time may go faster or slower in right conditions but NEVER CAN BE REVERTED ... ok now ill go smash wall with my head

Nice idea, but...

...if you invented a time machine and someone nicked it to go back in time a claim it as their own, then you wouldn't have invented it, therefore you wouldn't have built it in the first future, which would now be a past/second future and you would be a totally different person, might not even have been born. Umm, I know what I mean.
Nice one though. You've messed my mind up.

I can disprove that last line wrong!

It is possible to travel through time! I can disprove it! The only thing is that it is late here and I dont have the time, so i'll make it short and simple:

Going into the future faster than the aging process allows: Possible - i mean, if you go into the future it doesn't really affect the past

Going into the past in any way: Impossible. You would have done it already, or if you went someone may have gone back with you to prevent it, or something, so it never will happen.

In fact, check up your research! There is one man, an early cosmonaut, who stayed at the relative speed of about 17,000 mph for so long that he is 1/52 of a second into the future because the faster you reach the speed of light the more time slows around you.

...but good point. I only base my scores on the actual movie. Good job there ;)

Very well thought of.

yeah. the last line (I won't spoil) is VERY well thought of. good work.


Now i kno u probably put a lot of time and effort into this but to tell the truth ur flash kinda sucked.When i went to the cave man part the caveman didnt have any hands and in one of the other frames the dude had three arms.the sounds was horrible and over all the whole thing wasnt very interesting. Try a little harder next time.