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Reviews for "Don't Try This In Your Club"

Awesome beat!

I really like this - 10/10 - not much else to say :-)

Ice Cold

wow man

nice job wiv da beat here

cud deffo cc this bein da theme for like some epic club pre-violence scene

were everyone is just about to shoot or were all th people arrivin at the club

:O lol nice keep at it

this jam is tight

Man I absolutely loved it except for the hook was a little to long in my opinion but when I get my recording equipment up, this is the first thing im rapping to.
What do I call you for the credit?
Skullbeatz or Christopher d'Alquen?

I wrapped to this... I hope your cool with that :)

Hey man i messed around on this track a little. check it out. i made sure to mention you.

This Has The West Coast Beats of the 2000's Man, I LOVE THAT SHIZNIT RIGHT THERE!