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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"

Stop Bitching!

I am so offended..BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

I thought it was kinda cool, really gory ^_^
The graphics were really good tho' and the music "fit" the animation. You guys are pretty awsome animators, andI would give you a full 10 if there was some kinda plot. But it was still pretty sweet!

Keep up the good work


GoreAddict responds:

Hey man help us out to mark useless reviews abusive :P
And yeah those people are annoying, its underrated now :(
Thanks for the review!

w00t!!! all my 5 r belong to this!

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 3.5330 to 3.5374! w00t!

Sorry guys!

It makes me laugh when you put in the Misfits song!
I donĀ“t feel the pain at all into this one. You should have some Extreme Gore/Grind Death Metal to this video!

good work

the gore and the intense graphics is what made me love this flash

it was very good but it would be even better if you could try to incorporate a storyline to a gory flash it would make even better than it already is!

good flash


DEATH TO THE EMPORER! it would have been better if you used higher quality flash and spent more time on the animations and made it a little less random (no story line but more 'organized' slaughter, i guess you could say. if it was the animation quality of Torture Chamber 2 it would be awesome. i want to see the person's mutilated remains of a face contorted in absolute torturistic suffering and horror as their entrails are eviscerated with a rusty meathook while they are still alive and then i want to see the shit spill out of their ruptured intestines onto their blood soaked partially dismembered body as their killer strangles what is left of the life out of them with the intestines as he sodomizes them with a rusty machete. THAT would be 10/10, in HD! Also, please dont mark this bad, i only gave that description because it is the goriest thing i can think of. im not NEARLY this sick minded but i DO appreciate REALLY GOOD gore and i saw potential, but not NEARLY mastery.