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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"


im sorry, but i honestly didnt think this was gory at all. maybe i just have too strong of a stomach, or maybe it was just that the animation was so crappy that i couldn't really tell that there was gore. i certainly expected better for something the goriest thing on the internet

"Have Fun"?!!

You Guys Are One Sick Motherfuckers. This Review will Probably Be Deleted. Motherfuckers Can't Handle The Truth.
You Know Why, Cause You Suck.


ya know i knew what i was getting into when i hit play gj guys....dead babies....ugh......
but still i was the one who hit play ^_^

i like it! i really like it!

great animation...more gore please? =]

ok guys yeahh

goriest flash on web pretty much means u should do drugs when u are still a teenager, at least wait till adulthodd, dammit,-!!!

what was the point of this crapper flash..??