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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"

Ok seriously...

I see more gore in my dreams. It's nice that you tried, but try again.


Ok, I get going for the shock pop hence showing all the dead babies and what not but honestly the only thing shocking about this video is how boring it is and how piss poor most of the animation is.

its ok but need some improvments

i just think that its gorey BUT someof the gore isnt really gore at all. i meen that its gore when you actully have good and i meen good like extream detail in the blood and guts and all that. now i love gore but this kinda left me disappointed in someways. you could try to add more detail and add more gore. some of the gore was just not very much detailed and you could add a scean that they get ripped appart part by part flesh by flesh down to the very bone. NOW there are some other movies out there that have better quailty but i give this a 3 not enough gore and needs alot more work to have better quality and detail in the blood and such. nice try just keep at it.


See some of SickDeathfiend's shit. SHE'S the badass one, here!


not bad but......try a little harder