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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"

That was disgusting . . .

Good =) 5/5

GoreAddict responds:


that was very disturbing...

and unnessisary! why the hell would you make a movie where someone shoots a shotgun at a pregnant woman and have her baby fly out and then have someone step on it?! you're a sick person!

GoreAddict responds:

I'm sick? Really? But sir, cops don't like pregnant women!

You have great animation skills.

With these Skills, you should definitely make a movie out of it !

GoreAddict responds:

But sir, I did!


this gives a new meaning to 'beating to a messy, bloody pulp'.

excellent choice of music, as well as the extremely flashy (my opinion) scenes of gore. I love this, gets me into the mood for halloween tomorrow. Good job :D

GoreAddict responds:

Hey thanks!