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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"


It's good. I like the way it get's gorier and gorier throughout the flash.

Not enough to give me nightmares, though. Photoshop other people in blood and gore and then I'll probably be shitting my pants.

Good though!

GoreAddict responds:

Oh well thanks

Stop Bitching!

I am so offended..BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

I thought it was kinda cool, really gory ^_^
The graphics were really good tho' and the music "fit" the animation. You guys are pretty awsome animators, andI would give you a full 10 if there was some kinda plot. But it was still pretty sweet!

Keep up the good work


GoreAddict responds:

Hey man help us out to mark useless reviews abusive :P
And yeah those people are annoying, its underrated now :(
Thanks for the review!


i like your style and this flash video presented it very well. As for the gore, there is worse so the people that said this was sick go to websites that have the real thing. The only thing i thought was sick was the little baby dying even though there's also worse things than that.
have a nice day sir.

GoreAddict responds:

Lots of people have being 0ing because of the dead babies and smashed fetus. I have to say we don't care for shit, even if the score is waaaay lower than it should be.

wel to be honest

that was pretty basic stuff not that much gore i mean resident evil and grand theft auto are more sickening but that was just mediocore i probably spelt that wrong anyway good work but sickdeathfiend rules that type of thing

GoreAddict responds:

We beat him here, u have to agree, I bet himself would say this is gorier than his stuff

terrible, but..

i guess i cant say it was unexpected

GoreAddict responds:

Wait wha-?