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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"

Excellent Job Man

Your drawings are ok,blood and guts look awesome,imaginative ways of getting killed,and good clip slideshows. With this ill give you a scale of10/10

Awesome man

this is twisted even by my standerds.Woo BLLBLBLAALBLBBLABALAALBBLABBLBBLLBLBL LBLALBLBLA!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad

I don't know what people are complaining about, it delivered just what the name implied, random death and gore. It is not the goriest one I've ever seen, not even close, but it was decent, I didn't really care for the music though. lol at the fetus stomping part.

Nothing to see here

If you film yourself in monochrome taking a big dump into a pickle jar, and then arrange the reel strips into a nice collage and hang it on the wall, is it art?
Whatever your answer, for me personally I wasn't impressed by this at all. Were they going for shock value? I've seen more shock in a "Rats on Cocaine" episode. Buckets of poorly animated blood looks like buckets of poorly animated blood... expecting the creeps? Go watch something else - there's at least 50 other Newgrounds entries since this animation was submitted that are genuine in making the hairs on the back of your nape stand up, and that are actually pieces of well crafted art in themselves.
This is shit in a pickle jar.

The real tragedy is that the artists are not that bad - I could see the potential of their doing something really good, if they gave half a fook about it.
Somebody should use this as an example of how to waste your budding artistic talent on a pile of poop.

No Try Again

Try Again