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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"


Oookay, im still wondering what (the fuck) where you thinking when you did this...

Everything the guy before me said and more.

Alright, by no means are any of the artist who made this flash bad at what they do. It was all well drawn, however making gore doesn't really have much impact unless there is a plot surronding it. Furthermore, you know your trying a little too hard to be dark and twisted when you make flash animations with random gore and hardcore music. Let me explain some thing to you, some people might be entertained by random gore. But if you want people to appreciate your work you have to give it some structure. So then your probably going to say to me " Fuck what people think, I wanna make what I wanna make." Well, sure go ahead... but it doesn't change the fact that trying too hard to be hardcore makes for an animation that doesn't live up to its potential.


I was expecting something really gory, an my friends, this didn't cover my expectations, I'm afraid this is not the goriest flash ever made, not even in newgrounds, you overrate yourselves, I'm not going to write things like "you're sick" blah blah... that's bullshit, you want to make gore, so fuckin' what? if someone doesn't like it because the couldn't stand it doesn't mean it's bad or wrong, it just mean they're short minded

I can't lie, there were some great ideas there and you three should come up with a plot, an story instead of just random deaths, that probably would give the violence an gore more impact


U have a problem seriously i mean the killing the death ok i understand that part. But bringing kids into this that is the most fuked up thing i have ever seen Jeez man wat kind of sick psycopath are u? Is that wat u want to do little kids kill them before there born kill them while their still young. You are fuked up.
Oh the only reason u got a 3 was because at times the graphics were ok the violence was ok but that was it other than that it was crap

what the fuck was that

holy fucking shit! what the hell was that why do you make this shit