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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"

great supa great

this is an awsome vid keep up the good work and also to the people that think this is sick NO FUCKEN DUH YOU FREAKING RETARDS what did you people expect when you saw the title random death GORE sheesh oh and the guy below me erotic? sure there are some parts but not many soo thats kinda weird to think about it I just like watching people die not cause its erotic thats why we got porn :D anyways great vid

Sick and yet so erotic

Seeing people die is so invigorating.
To feel your pulse and ejaculate.
LOL !!!

Kidding a great movie !!!
Make more movies like this

you sick bastard!

i have no problem with gory movies but why the hell would you show real dead people for entertainment! you make me SICK. next try a story maby?

EH. . .

i guess for the sake of violence, it isn't too bad. its just that it could be SO much more freakish or unlpeasant. like were are the people getting their finger nails pried off, or people actually screaming. a guy with his head blown off, or a baby getting stomped isn't too gross. with ALL honesty something can be 5000 times grosser or disturbing, without blood or guts. where's the spinal fluid, bone, or all the other bodily fluids. like with that pregnant woman, it was just comical, because if someone shot a pregnant lady's stomach, the baby wouldnt just fly out. it would probably blow a hole through her entire abdominal region leaving a bloody trail of bones, intestines, and placenta hanging out the back. but even if that were your inclination to make a controversial flash, why would you just have a bunch of gore? it seems petty, not to mention completely powerless. no point, no shock, no humor, just boring. i have seen FAR more disturbing images than a poorly tweened baby without legs, or headless corpses, or flying fetuses. have babies eating eachother, or a little man inside another's head eating his way out. no joke, the real world can be way grosser and fucked up than anything i have just seen here. and to be honest, i wouldn't care too much to see it, and i know deep down you REALLY wouldn't either no matter if you are insane, or some sort of psycopath; which you're not. . . . .

PS. i would have laughed my ASS off if you had "hey there fancy pants" by ween playing in the background. that would have had an ENTIRELY different effect.


Oookay, im still wondering what (the fuck) where you thinking when you did this...