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Reviews for "Random Death [GORE]"

Not as bad as people said this would be, atleast comparing to real gore it doesnt look realistic.

The gore is so realistic!

seen things way better and funnier...but still some of the things in this video are great,it has potential keep it up :)

you did a great job but i really expected more. like a few decapitations and rape. doesn't fail in its purpose tho

bad, but not bad

bad as in it's obviously bad cause of it's content, but not a bad video in opinion terms. Some animation I found less on par, and even though I'm into blood and gore, not really into disturbing or pointless gore. For example, didn't like baby no leg for its distrubing image, but the artistry was quite amazing, both in person and gore and I found that part of it fascinating. as for the pointlessness, i guess the point was the gore, so it had one, but some of the animations were just "eh" not gore wise, but what was happening and some of the artistry, sorry for all the criticism, but I meant it when I said its a good video, great job to all