Reviews for "Unclassified Specimen"


YOU ARE A FREE PROTECTION POINT!!! that was soo cool and the jrt pack and the big fight, but I thought turtles could swim? and is there gonna be a sequil?

von-Brunk responds:

Yes, in fact the sequel (episode 5) is already done, and shall be on Newgrounds tonight.

Turtles can swim, but I figured he's so horribly mutated that he drowned. I don't know, I guess.


This animation is excellent, well done.


omg..that was the best flash ive ever seen....holy shi*....all i hav to say is amazing.....


This is so cool! I love it ! But is that Brunk dude a real mario Charachter ?

Yay Morton died boo Iggy and Larry died

I was happy when Morton died but Iggy and Larry are my favorite Koopalings, and you did give Larry an evesdropping gland and it's possible that Iggy made the base but Morton bad attitude and talks alot didn't see it.