Reviews for "Unclassified Specimen"

Makes up a good nuclear war thing.

That was something of a movie. Was that slime, or was it nuclear waste? ( The flash movie reminds me of Beach of the Dead 2: BioHazard) And I have seen all of your movies with you fighting Bowser's army( answering previous reviewer's question of Julius von Brunk being a Mario character. No, Julius von Brunk is himself.) And how did the three guys morph together in that nuclear waste? I guess it is called one huge imagination. I also want to know, will there be a final episode with the Mushroom army/airforce/navy on his doorstep?

von-Brunk responds:

To answer your question, yes, there will be a grand finale in which Bowser's fortress is overrun by The Mushroom Kingdom. Stay tuned for two last episodes!

Oh yeah, the green slime was my way of following the unwritten sci-fi code: Green sludge always gives people super powers.


This is so cool! I love it ! But is that Brunk dude a real mario Charachter ?

Make more or the Pyro army is coming for you.

This series rocks! Make more!


omg..that was the best flash ive ever seen....holy shi*....all i hav to say is amazing.....


Wow..... I'm astounded......

This series gets better every episode... I just hope the 5th one is as good as this... This one had a way cool fight scene with the giant von brunk and Koopa Hybrid fighting. The "Mega Brunk"(I have no idea what he's called) Sprite was rather cool

Just one question...

What happened to Debos and Tad? They died and were just left....

Keep these really cool Mario episodes coming