Reviews for "Unclassified Specimen"

I loved it!!!

But the Koopa Kids woud of been more into the graphics though. And I feel sorry for Mario. All because of his household items mixed together really did explode the island. I hope Mario comes back in the 8th Episode.

Three Koopa Kids dead in one flash...?

OWNAGE! You really showed them who's boss, Baron. Too bad the Mario Bros. are retiring though... I liked the part where you became bigger and threw that giant mutant into the drink. The video game music during your briefing sounded familiar, though... And I see how you've recycled some of the music from the third episode, as well. Overall, nice job.

Final vote = 5 out of 5

you could've done better but still good.

it was a good flash. But wtf. Mutants? and why did mario quit? and u always focus on the baron? He's like a one man army while all the others around him are slaughtered.in the first episode luigi got injured the mario bros left. then they both were wounded in the second one. 3rd no mario bros at all. last the mario bros quit. wtf. U tryin to focus attention on one guy (who I don't think is that cool.). But maybe that's just cuz i love mario. but it was a good flash. next time no mutatns plz. just battles.

One idea

Add Scene Selects to your movies. That would make it a lot easier to get to the good stuff.

*clap clap clap* huzza!!

that was the collest one yet. like the guy before me said, "makes a good nuclear war storie" and i have to agree.

*clap clap clap*

keep it up