Reviews for "~EnV~ Melody Bischnitz"


Dude, I had more work in middle school then in my Freshman year of college... but maybe you aren't going to a shithole like mine.

Eh, finish Destination pl0x =D

Envy responds:

Haha I'm going to a business school, I have a shit ton of work!


You always amaze me with your songs. I've sent a PM to you as well and if you have some time could you please read it.

Are you female?

I adore this simple melody

It's so light but is completely amazing. Just a quick dance tune. I just love hearing awesome dance songs like this that actually make me want to dance! Sucks to see that' you're so busy tho, looking forward to more of your works.

I love you if you make a full song!

Seriously, this is awesome. I don't know why it's rated 3.6. 5/5, 10/10. You're awsome. :D

<(^^<) <(^^)>(>^^)>

there danceing to this awsome song:D