Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

very well done

the 3D imageery was pure genius and a nice addition to the five shade ssection. i personally enjoyed what the product was in the end. soon everything will be made like that i assure you. keep up the good work

HOLY MOTHER OF |= u ( |< !

Is this even possible???! This CAN'T have been done in Flash. You, sir, are a genius. I bow to you.


whoa that is so much cooler than that pic on NGcollabs you are so cool and i wish i could do 3d graphics and effects like you

by the way do you know lil ninja?

orb responds:

Thanks, and yeah, lilninja and I are friends.


I just had to say something about this submission! I actually watched it twice in a row, something I normally never do, so it had quite an effect on me. Can't really say why but I just loved this!!!!
Keep 'em coming!! Great job!!

orb responds:

Thanks a lot!


don't you meen it was part of the 5 shades of purple? you put 5 shades of red on the ending credits. great work anyway

orb responds:

Yeah, it was my bad and I really don't want to have to reupload the 8 MB file just for that. Uploading 8 MB takes a long time you know.