Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"


dont get me rong, it was awsome, but you could have included some sound once the tubes came down. And once the robot moved to the next possition. It was really great though make another just like it =).

that was mind boggling!!

it was so 3D it was breathtaking!! ive never seen any flash like that b4, i personali would say this wud have to b one of the best flashes on newgrounds!

omfg 2 fresh

oooooooooooooo man tat was so kool dude u rock

twinsendude is the shit.

nice work man i didnt no u were thsi good.


Holy crap that was disguistingly good. You could be making movies for a 3d animation company. Damn there is some serious talent there, exellent job keep it up man 5/5.

orb responds:

Thanks a lot man!