Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"


OMG why cant there be anything higher than 5 that was INCREDIBLE

Highly stylized, very well done!

Keep up th egood work, I'd love to see another 5/5

lol nice

This was fantastic... nice work keep it up.


I must admit that I'm not too sure about whats going on, but the graphics are amazing. I liked the backing track as well. It looks like it took ages to produce, and if it either did or didn't, it still diserves all the plaudits it will collect.

orb responds:

Thanks a lot! Yes, it definately took a while.

How diid u do it?!?!?!

The 3-D animation was amazing, sytle was unbelevbable and everything else was P-E-R-F-E-C-T-O. You should have gottne a 1st daily feature instead of 3rd! well anyways. Fanstastic JOB!

orb responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. I didn't get 1st because the first place that day happened to be a professional 35 year old animator in Korea... lol kinda not fair. Then the second place was some also rediculous submission.

Anyways, on the how did you do it part, I used a 3D animation program call Maya.