Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

HUGE file size!

Exceptional job!

Jesus H. Christ boy, 8,116.4Kb!

Friggen Sweet...

That was pretty sweet dude! I've crossed so many good entries in the portal today. And this, it was the most orginal peice I've seen today! I love the 3D work man! It's awsome... I never really understood what was going on though! :P


Hey dude, that last review was an ass with no sense of art. That was phenomenally well done. Both the music and the outstanding metallic artwork serve to accentuate an interesting theme. I would very much like to see more works in this style in the future.


If there were a 20 out of 10, I'd give it a 20 on graphics. It is simply amazing. It is extremely detailed, especially all the reflections off the metal surfaces. We can even see the ceiling!

Great work.

orb responds:

:-D I'm glad you noticed. Thanks!

so thats how mnms are made

lol nice a perfect 27 from me