Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

What was the point?

It looked amazing, but it had no point to it. At all.

orb responds:

The purpose was for it to be in a collab. How often do entries for collabs have purposes????

Plus, even if I averaged in all the scores you gave me (even things like interactivity and violence shouldn't be averaged because they're not applicable), I'd get a (rounded) 4. A 4!! And without the foolish 0s that shouldn't count, I should get a 7! NOT A 1! Why did you give me a 1? it doesn't make any sense?


what the? all i got was a black screen!

orb responds:

You must have patience. Wait for the preloader to load. If you have dialup it might take a sec.

I couldn't see anything!

all I saw was a black screen with music playing in the background?

orb responds:

Then you need to download Flash Player 8, not vote 0 and give me a review with a score of 0. You can't go around watching flash movies on NG unless you have the most recent version of Flash Player

Didnt get it

About the futue yeah but what else was that machine about what was it doing i know most of you wont agree with me but i would like to know what that was all about great graphics and sound though

orb responds:

It was working in a factory to make a... well I can't say. Then the people that haven't watched would know, and it's a surprise. It was made for a collaboration.