Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

Sweet Christ...

This is godly! You sir, are amazing. But then again it has a HUGE ASS filesize (OMFG 8MB?!), took me about 15 sec. to load which is too long considering mosy flashes load almost instantly on my computer. But besides that, VERY GREAT!

orb responds:

Thanks! Dang, do you have a T1 or something???


Yes, well, everything was really great, except that it's boring. I kept watching, hoping something interesting would happen, but it didn't. Maybe an idea for next time?

orb responds:

Did it finish? There's kind of a joke at the end

that looked realy good

It's hard to believe, it's actually a flash movie


Really love the graphics, especially the way everything was extra shiny, music was great, not entirely sure what it was all about but i thought it was great

1st 3D animation i've seen

i've never seen a 3D animation on this site so i gots to give this some props. although i really wasn't "entertained" i think that it's a good animation