Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"

Impressive 3-D effects...

despite this not having much of a story, the 3D is pretty amazing with the reflection effects for good measure. nice one.

Ahh, reminds me of SoG

Nice job, man. Now THAT'S what I like to see out of you! =) Reminded me of the quality of your Shades of Green.
None of that SoR stuff. =)
Anyway, good job. I guess you decided you're too good for the vote when SoP launches in January, huh? =P I'm just joking with you.

Anyway, nice work again. If you wanted any suggestions for how to improve, I'd make it a tad faster. Or perhaps cut out one of the lowering machines. It just ran a tad slow.
(And here the whole time I thought it was going to make a Skittle!)

those graphics were sah-weeeet!

that was very cool and funny, although kinda slow. keep up the good work!

so that how emeims are made

i know this aint flash but that was cool 3d movie with the smoke effect from the robot.

What program did you use?

orb responds:



That's some top of the line modeling there. Absolutely amazing.