Reviews for "The Future (5SOP)"


How the f*ck did u do that???
f*ckin' amazin'!

Keep up teh f*ckin' awesome work!


best 3D on Ng, what program do you use?

i wanna learn 3d ;o;

orb responds:


Wow... just... Wow.

Holy crap, that was some of the best animation I've seen. The lighting was great, and the reflections were perfect. Just... Wow. You really deserve a 5 from every viewer.


There are only a few flash movies in 3D, and this is one of them (including all the collection of this genre).
I can't belive that those will be the M&M's on the future.
Awesome work.

excellent work

im assuming you used something like 3d studio max to make this, if it was 3dmx can you tell me how you export a movie so all the reflections n all are intact??

i can tell alot of work went into this, great job.

orb responds:

I actually used maya, not 3ds max.