Reviews for "[NG1MM] Part 1"

It's good!

It came together nicely. I agree that it would have been better to have everyone truly remix the track before them, but it still turned out nicely!

Glad to hear everyone's work, some of them are very professional sounding!
10/10 and 5/5. Hell, to have this front paged would be awesome!

Friggin' Awesome.

It was a great idea to start off with, and it came out really well. Good job guys, this should be frontpaged. So much diversity, different in every part, awesome.
10/10 5/5 D'Loaded.

Awesome work, guys!

Steak89, liked the "S-s-s-s-steak89" you did, and it was a pretty tight piece of techno (son't know much about that kind of music, but I liked it). Transitions were amazing, smooth and subtle but still obviously "there". Moded, awesome part, liked that scratchin'. JoHobo, I liked your part the best, it has the most "real" feel, which I adore.

Can't wait for my group to get that grooviness goin', and this part just made me a whole lot more thirsty to see it finished!

P.S. - Keep on rockin'!


*As above*


This came out quite breathtakingly! I love how it starts with one style, and ends with a completely different one! If you were to hear the beginning and the end only, you wouldn't even believe that it's the same song. It was really freakin' cool hearing each artist's style, as they clearly stick out. It was absolutely awesome being a part of this project and I would really love to thank you modem for having this wonderful idea and organizing it. It truly turned out to be great. Also, great job mixing it friend. A job well done.

I love how they all go into each other, it really goes to show what can be said of individuality in one simple minute. If somehow there could be a Two Minute Massacre, I wouldn't doubt it would be insane how much creativity would flow into it. To all the artists, great job!

- Arron -