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Reviews for "A traveler between lands II"


At first it sounded a lot like RHCT but then u threw your own very unique sound in there! I thinkyou should use a little less distortion though, it ruins the relaxing feeling for me a bit.

The feeling i was getting from the distortion part was also nice though. It's hard to describe... like when u have lost someone but you know you have to move on.

Another little thing: it would have been nice if the bass would have went on at 0:46... i dont know why but it needs to be there for me^^

Other than that, great piece and 9 stars and 5/5 from me! I bet you put a lot of effort and passion into this. I will now listen to the first part; let's see if its as awesome as this one :P

P.S.: how did you create the effect in the end? Is it some kind of wah-wah?

Gian responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it Sven. Yeah, it is a song oh hope. It inspires some sadness, but with some faith at the same time, at least for me.

I will think about that bass thing you said there :3

The effect at the end is a whammy pedal, look it up on google ''whammy digitech'' It's a great pedal, it lets you go to higher octaves when you push the pedal.

Thanks again for your words, very nice review, we should collab again soon!