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Reviews for "LL - ML's Fine Bacon!"


Good job. I shall never forgive the bacon. Also the button at the end doesn't work.

MasterLock responds:

Yeah I noticed, but I'm feeling too lazy to fix it, maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Don't you think the baby version of you is soo cute?! I do.

Poor Dog.

Haha, yes.. yes. I enjoy Bacon also, and too bas scruffy couldn't have bacon, but I guess chocolate is much better.

I liked it muchly-ness

The only problem I had was the "Voice" of that clown, but eh, it isn't a big problem, your flash anyway.

MasterLock responds:

lol, Piclownjew's (the clown's) voice is fun for the whole family! Put him on your mp3 player! On full volume! Become deaf! Etc!

Well, look at that...

Passed judgement with a green 3.37. Congratulations.
Now we know what Log has against you.

MasterLock responds:

Hehe Log is my pimp. Thank you for the swell review.


That rocked. Keep up the good work LL.

MasterLock responds:

Thank you.


That being said, I liked it.

MasterLock responds:

lol, it's not like I actually kill dogs, you silly boy you.