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Reviews for "LL - ML's Fine Bacon!"

Sweet again!

Masterlock i hope you win the biweekly contest :)

if i werent banned i would vote for you on the site...

but its great.
specially the credits lol

great work keep this up!!!!!

-Trunkscool/exlock (will become one again)

MasterLock responds:

:P When does your ban expire?


Great film. Its kind of started slow but really built up until the credits which were the best part.

Great graphics but it could have used some more sound effects, hope you win the contest.

Keep up the good work


MasterLock responds:

It's looking pretty good so far, I'm winning with 27 points, which is almost every vote :D (Only like two people voted me for #2, and it goes in an order, so #1 gets 3 points, #2 gets 2 points, and #3 gets 1)

very very funny

the ending was the best but maybe having more sound effects?

MasterLock responds:

Yes, I do agree I need more sound effects, but I unfortunately suck at finding them.

I liked it!!!

But you should've added more sound fx in the movie and had a little BG music. Also, how could a log bleed? Anyway, this deserves a sweet 5!^^


MasterLock responds:

Log's can bleed, you just haven't tried enough >:O

Keke :)

i'm afraid there was one big miss that i sensed throughout the entire flash. It was the lack of music. However, it was in the loglocks childhood scene that the lack of music made it even more hilarious.

hilarious, yes. what can i say? just amazing quality of humour in this one! especially the warnings in the end. i'd watch this flash five times just to view that particular scene. and that my friend, is impressive.

great work!

~ frost

MasterLock responds:

Thank you for the very swell review. I was looking for music, but I gave up :\