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Reviews for "LL - ML's Fine Bacon!"

omg another bacon lover OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /\_/\

BACON ROX MAN. I make comics talking about a bunny loving bacon. kan't do flash though \/_\/. But hey who wouldn't like a bunny who likes bacon? WAIT I KNOW THOSE FREAKING BACON HATERS !!!!! I'LL GET YUO F!@KING PEOPLE MAN I'LL F$#KING GET YOU U BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK PEOPLE!!!!!!

MasterLock responds:

Word. Death to the bacon haters.

OMFG BACON!!!!!!!!11

i want youre bacon....but on the other hand i may burn....or yell like that scary clown....BUT I LOVE BACON GIMME SOME MWEAHHAAHHASHAHAHAHA,also cause of you im getting a new newgrounds acount,djmanlock....or sumtin like that...

MasterLock responds:

Hehe, Piclownjew is the coolest clown ever. Sign up at www.locklegion.com.

I didn't review this yet?!

What is wrong with me? Anyway, you get a fifen and a ten and a review. I just hope there is another bi-weekly soon.

MasterLock responds:

Same, I need bi-weeklies to make my attention span work. :(


Muy comico! The disclaimers at the end were the funniest part! Try to make a NEW gun next time, cause I have seen that one 5 other times. lol... "Masterlocks Fine Bacon killed my father..."

MasterLock responds:

Why would I bother making a new gun? That's like redrawing MasterLock for all my movies, which I will never do. By the way, ML's deagle is his trademark gun, so he can't just randomly use an AK-47 out of nowhere; that'd be gay.

I had all side effects of Masterlock's Fine Bacon

Lol that was a great cartoon. Sadly I tried your bacon and I had all of the side effects, especially major retardedness. Wait...if I'm retarded...how did I write this review?

MasterLock responds:

You have "special retardedness".