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Reviews for "LL - ML's Fine Bacon!"


How much does MLFB cost? And does it only have that effect (spontaneous combustion) in logs? or all wood? (d20s are made of wood)

MasterLock responds:

Approximately $599USD. Yes, that's also a log-only effect.

Nice Flash

Nicely made flash. It was really funny. But now I want bacon DX

MasterLock responds:

Responding to this review makes me crave bacon as well. :C


that was ta funniest flash i have ever seen other than my flash.no i couldn't submit it.5 is my rating thank u

MasterLock responds:

5 is your rating you're welcome.


Lmao the Duck owned them completly lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think i pissed my pants from this video, its too funny , it should be removed before somone dies from laughter lmao hillarious

MasterLock responds:

Thanks :3


BACON RULES ALL!! lol thats even the nickname we gave to one of my friends who used to draw little bacon monsters and say "BACON WILL RULE THE WORLD!" LOL. Great flash! WTF was that clownjew thing?? That was freaky yet hilarious. And nice one with blowing logs brains out. XD im sure that was a fun scene to make. LOL. The disclaimer ROCKS most of all. LOL I think that reallly made the flash complete. Hope you got high scores for it, I know I voted 5. Good luck on future flashes. DO MORE NOW and I shall be on the lookout for them! LOL you can make a killer game where your just a piece of bacon and your objective is to overcome the modern day consumer starting with the kitchen..and ending with the world! An army of tiny deadly delicious strips of bacon of diffrent perportions would be alsome!! LOL it would be like world war three!! OMG, sorry lost control there. But still....ALSOME! ^^

MasterLock responds:

A long review with deserves a short response. lol.