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Reviews for "LL - ML's Fine Bacon!"

=0 bacon!

Two things:one, chokolate is poisinous to dogs >:(
two, clown lock scared the heck outa me im like WTH.Great flash though :)

lol your bacon killed mah father!YOU DIE!!!!!!11111111

MasterLock responds:

Thanks :]

Truly one of the most creative videos I've seen!

~Preloader and Menu-10

Ingenious as to the randomness effects and quality of "Master Lock's Fine Bacon!"



Very creative, extremely funny, and just plain great! You, my friend, deserve a medal.

MasterLock responds:

If Newgrounds handed out actual medals I would wear them every day.

Edit: And I'd totally look like Flavor Flav or something. YEEEAAAHHH

Ha! Nice!

That was a good one! I like the South Park refrence in the effects list.

MasterLock responds:




MasterLock responds:


wow...lots of effects for it

wow..im might try a nibble of master lock's fine bacon.i was wondering,what are the ingredients of the bacon?good one.

MasterLock responds:

Saturated fat, trans-fat, fat, anthrax, cyanide, etc.

The good stuff.