Reviews for "A Very CC Halloween"

Not the best I've seen, but it was alright.

MinuteMaidPremium responds:

Yay, teh fourfen

Wait dont abruptlly end

Woah man the abrupt end wasnt fair! That was going somewere but i guees it is not my place to meddle in the works of gods.

MinuteMaidPremium responds:

There will most definatley be s sequal.

God Clock has made yet another dandy flash

this doesent look finished but i still think you should make more stuff,lol i liked the main menu

not bad...

it was ok, the sound was good, but it got nocked down due to the wierd voices. clever idea, but they sounded wierd.

funny ending :D


it wasn't bad but did you have to use the sims music it's halloween!