Reviews for "T tree tutorial"

good tutorial

just giving them the script kinda seems like cheating, but what da heck. I loved the techno remix of sonic, where can I get that song?


I love it!..just love it! GREAT TUTORIAL! ..for new people like me =P

Chazz responds:

Thanks man, nice to know my work is appreciated!


Great work man
This tuturial is very good
One of the best i ever seen
U used all things that an tuturial neds
like music (Because, without her, anything is boring), an good orientation, some cool buttons...
Yeah, i liked it

Keep doing this great job

Yeah a good tutorial...

I make tutorials too
but mine are like mainly games and animations but this one was great!


Are you really 11 coz this is good!

You are a very clever person! Thanks, man!
Interactivity is five only because the buttons are the only interactivity.