Reviews for "T tree tutorial"


well it was good.. ill give u that.... but i get so anoyed when people "steal" action scripts from other tutorials... like the platform game,that script and all stuff came directly from gamecubicles "ultimate tutorial 2" -.-

Chazz responds:

Oh, sorry, I actually found it on a site.

Oh well.

This steps on the same foot that Gamecubicle's mighty cover-it-all tutorial, Ultimate Tutorial 1 and 2: lots and lots and even more spelling mistakes. Also tons of info squeezed into one phrase is too much. You should also tell people what everything in the code does. Not just tell them "copy this into this and that into that and you're done!", because that doesn't really tell the n00bie what to do and really doesn't help him to understand and not to mention, remember how to do stuff like this in the future without always consulting some tutorial.

Whew! This is the longest review I've ever done. In conclusion: music was mediocre and the explanations didn't almost exist. Still a tutorial to take seriously.

not a bad tut

it was a pretty good tutorial with tons of info. however, a major pet peeve of mine is not giving credit to the audio. i really hate when people take music and dont tell people what it is or who it came from. BTW, who does that song? its pretty sweet. but overall, nice job.

Chazz responds:

A friend of kine from school sent it to me through msn, it's not from NP though, so don't worry, if you want it I'll send you it. Email me at chazzistheman@hotmail.com or chazz7@onvol.net. Thanks aswell.

I think...

I think you pretty much dont know about AS, otherwise you'd have explained the code. Also, are you aware that "Sprite fbf" is waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than usual fbf? I mean, redrawing. Sprites "fbf" is not really FBF. Get your facts straight before making a tutorial. Also, Dont copy code from another tutorials if you dont exactly know what it is for or what it does. That just makes you even n00b-er.

good tutorial

just giving them the script kinda seems like cheating, but what da heck. I loved the techno remix of sonic, where can I get that song?