Reviews for "T tree tutorial"

Not Bad

This might be the billionth tutorial, but one of the better Tut's i've seen come to NG


Great work man
This tuturial is very good
One of the best i ever seen
U used all things that an tuturial neds
like music (Because, without her, anything is boring), an good orientation, some cool buttons...
Yeah, i liked it

Keep doing this great job


I love it!..just love it! GREAT TUTORIAL! ..for new people like me =P

Chazz responds:

Thanks man, nice to know my work is appreciated!

I think this should be kept around

While it wasnt a good flash, I think it's pretty informative. Help people out down the line with their flash creations.

Good job, hope it makes it through.

great tut!

thx fo the tut i thought it was a good1 and i still want it to stay even thou theres loads of other tuts coz it is a good 1 :)