Reviews for "Beavis & Butthead CS"

heheheh...you said 'dildo'..heheheheh

wow, i haven't laughed so hard at an NG portal submission for the 8 years i've been going to this site. w00t! all my 5 r belong to dis!

absolutely hilarious script, it stayed very true to the nature of beavis and butthead, with a NG twist :D

artwork was fucking awesome! i especially liked the part where butthead slaps the shit out of beavis. looked almost identical to how it's done in the show.

i gave you a 10 for sound, because beavis and butthead were immitated better than any other submission in the portal that i've seen. nice sound quality too. propz!

the violence i gave a 3, cuz bob saget ALMOST blew beavis and butthead a new asshole. although i was disappointed that you didn't add stuart. i guess an abrupt ending is always nice when you are getting tired of working on the same flash. great effort!

interactivity i gave a 2, which is better than i usually give for movies. i liked the button artwork.

overall rating: 10. fucking incredible work! KEEP EM COMIN'!!!

Digital-Spawn responds:

I like reviewers like you who appreciate the entire package of a movie and not just 1 part of it. Thanks.
LOL, bob saget's laser beam attack is definately a lethal weapon. His jokes on Americas Funniest Home videos are pretty lethal to the ears too. haha.


Wow man, ah old memories of watching Beavis and Butthead late at night. Thanks for bringing up old times!


anything with beavis and butthead rule. did you do the voices or did you get them from the show? great job! old skool!

Digital-Spawn responds:

FrostedMonkeyFlakes did the voices. I took a few clips from the show. Like for example...the audio for the slap-action was from an episode.


THAT WAS VERY FUNNY! Make another only longer


this movie funny as hell!