Reviews for "Beavis & Butthead CS"


I was expecting this to be a decent fan cartoon, but this was just boring crap. Just the same kind of stuff from the show, actually. You didn't even attempt at originality. Also, the ending was horrible. Either finish the cartoon the way it was intended to be finished, or just quit trying.

this was freaking cool!!

this was funny as hell man this was great it so original i love the show and this flash keep it up man make a sequel

very nice

haha beavis and butthead were and still are the best.

i loved the evil dead reference...

Pretty good.

I liked it for the most part. Beavis and Butthead are old buddies of mine. The Bob Saget thing was very funny, but kinda random.

Overall, I think it was very solid.

That was really original

and you were able to do the graphics and sound pretty accurately...
good job