Reviews for "Beavis & Butthead CS"


It was pretty coo'. The way beavis and butthead looked and sounded almost exactly like the real thing was cool. And the dad from full house, thats was funny :D

And that weird creature from bitey of brackenwood, that was all pretty cool.

But next time put in more Pico, some arfenhouse and a bit of decline ;)

Overall good job though, well done.

Here are some tips from the almighty tip giver!!

-i know movies arent really interactive or anything, BUT, this boy thinks that ALL movies should have EXCELLENT interactivity!!

-you had good sound. thats AWESOME!! WHAT IS A MOVIE without AUDIO?!? speaking of which, if u r an insp!ring animator, beginner or not, u should FREQUENTLY visit the AUDIO PORTAL featured on NG!!

-Bob is th3 $uxx0rz!!

-AAAAAnd some upseting news... i cant make boobies out of text anymore in reviews............ ILL MISS YOU BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( >:( >:( >:( >:(


Digital-Spawn responds:

Yeah dude, I'm like an audio freak sometimes. I gotta make sure everything matches up as good as possible like when you hear the impact of the slap on beavis's face or when the bullets hit the wall----everything, i spent a lot of time on that. Good thing I had Evil Dead 2 on my computer for the end sequence. I was lucky to find an extremely talented voice actor right here on NG. I got the music for "the perfect murder" from the audio portal just like how Luis did. Hmm just a couple more things: yes, boobies rule and BOB SAGET PWNS YOU!!!


I miss bevis and Butthead on the tele...*sighs* good reminder though lol


it was just great,but i got 2 questions

1.why didn't beavis didn't trow gases
2.why didn't but head trow farts?

Digital-Spawn responds:

Dude, are you from Hawaii or New York?
Just wondering because people down here say throw like "trow" and killer like "killa" A full sentence would be like this: Ho you fuckah, I stay one killah, you bettah trow one blow before i false crack you, you fuckah.
Anyways, Bob Sagets laser attack is stronger than farts.


man it was cool and all but the sound was crap and they do not know how 2 read and the warning thing always talks and stuff and last they do not discuss and debat about crap EVER!