Reviews for "Beavis & Butthead CS"

the original B&B was stupid, so why make this?

I thought their reaction to the movies were funny, but I didn't like the fact that it was Beavis and Butthead.


I love that song that is played during "Bruce Willis is on Fire", seems like that song can make anything funny!
This entry was inbetween funny and wtf. You know what would have made it a little better? If you could somehow put the opening music from the show (when their profiles are facing one another) into the loading screen. I don't make flash though, so I'm not exactly keen on how hard or easy this would be. Just a thought.

it was alright

i kinda liked it. it kinda sucked, too


It looks like you worked your ass of for this, it rocks and its it soooo hgoood

Digital-Spawn responds:

Sweat and blood went into this movie. It was 98 degrees in my room durring animation and I paper cutted my finger making a storyboard. Nah jk...but shit dude...it took months off and on to complete this. A lot of complicatoins occured. Thanks for the comment fellow ninja.

Could have been better, but still great.

I really liked it, only I think it would have been better if you hadn't thrown Bob Saget in at the end. It makes the movie leave a WTF vibe.

Digital-Spawn responds:

Well sometimes you need a little WTF vibe at the end of flash cartoons. Especially on front page... to spruce things up a bit, Kick it up a notch. Change things up on you. Reverse the layup. Make people go berserk and crazy. Throw a curve ball right in your face. You know what I mean? And bob saget pwns joo.