Reviews for "Beavis & Butthead CS"

nice dude

for the "true" beavis and butt-head look, turn quality down to low.

i wanna help

i love b&b, and i am willing to lend my servix to help. my email is m_t_online@hot.....

Greatest ending ever

Seriously, there is none better than Bob Saget.


Col. Crissandwich needs you! Get your skinny white ass down to the docks and see what the hell is going on! We have recived fire form our rear flank and we cant risk a propeler blow out! If you dont hurry up were all gonna be dead!


Second Lieutenant James, It is good to hear of your acheivments. The Pact is proud of you, you have done well. You have inspired me greatly and i hope you have more motivations your self. It was a big happy surprise to hear of this. I will be working on a new animation soon.
Shall we fight in the bunkers together? 2 of our men are wounded how ever Stephen is getting back into it and made a story board so he doesnt get stumped. I dunno much about Dave, but we all must fight in the same bunker. I have grasped new technologies in the art of animation. I have better weaponry now and i hope it will aid us in our combat. It is at our advantage from my new discoveries.

Keep up the good work soldier!

-Pact Leader
~Colonel Kerekes

Digital-Spawn responds:

Haha. I hope that our other 2 elite soldiers have a speedy recovery. They need to get back on their feet and stroll down the street.