Reviews for "Beavis & Butthead CS"

This is stupid

I give you good credit for art and trying to make the sounds, but the humour didn't match up to Mike Judge and the part with Bob Saget didn't make sense. Although it did slightly touch my funny bone

What the hell????

I liked it. LOL . lagged on the graphics and the sound though.


excellent, except for the fucking crap at the end. you should have got them on a computer on newgrounds, taking the piss out of the crap movies, just like with the TV

OMFG. 'tis the most funny thing on NG since...ever

Indeed, it's so damn funny and well made. THIS should be first place, instead of that Littlefoot SHIT.

funnyest thing iv seen all week

i liked the armidildo/marshmello peep thing it was funny try to crap out another one