Reviews for "Doc Ock"


that was funny lol but u no that parker drops the f-bomb so it can't for everybody techanically!


Quite good.got some lol's out with this one.

Funny as heck

THAT was pretty funny, lol!

Silly and Hilarious

One of the better movie parodies I've seen, and definitely one of my all time favs on Newgrounds. You bring back so many priceless moments in the film, the background theme was also parodied so well. The ice cream cone was just...stupid, but everything else, especially some of the lines from Dr. Ock, is absolutely genius! Opposite to the complete seriousness of the film's cast, you've depicted them in some of the silliest ways possible ( "the ____ held in my hand" from Ock was brilliant!). As for music...the opera segment was absolutely amazing, so was "if I were a rich man."

The best part of the humor in this flash is how you combine well-known scenes with completely random, and unforeseen jokes. This worked wonderfully in your parody. Both the film, and your flash work, ends up complementing each other, bringing out some of the brilliance that neither would have by itself.


i need money!...to buy me an ice cream cone!