Reviews for "Smooth Criminal - 8-bit"

Sweet :D

Excellent work on this remix, we can recognize the original song within a second after launching the player.

You should make other remixes of MJ songs, like billie jeans, or beat it. If the quality is the same as this one, this would be just awesome.

Thislebrush responds:

Thank you very much :) I will do my best to work on it! Please give me a while to work on it because of school!! :3

Awesome pwnage

You need to make thriller world dom style!!!!

Thislebrush responds:

Haha! I will try!! :)


Haha 1:32 really starts bein awesome... Really liked how you had the background beats being accurate to the real song, whereas others may have just opted for the traditional main beat. You deserve #1 and not A-rest because this is a real pop submission that people enjoy.

Thislebrush responds:

It took a lot of research to find the right sheet music, and a lot of listening to the same song over...and over..and over enough that my eyeballs exploded, so I'm writing this with no eyeballs....


You've been hit by... you've been struck by... an 8-bit criminal!

My skills in rhyming are shitty. But your skills in making 8-bit songs are epic.

Me: *moonwalk* You've been hit by *stomps 2 times* You've been struck by *stomps 1 time* A Smooth Criminal.........POW!....Annie are you ok?, So, Annie are you ok?.....You've been hit by *stomps 2 times* You've been hit by *stomps 1 time* A Smooth Criminal
I don't know!, I don't know!, I don't know!, I don't know!......
*makes a very cool MJ pose* POW!
*breakes the window like in the music video at the end of the song*