Reviews for "Animal Politics"


The artwork and animation skills in this flash are truely incredible! FRONT PAGE MATERIAL AND A DAILY FEATURE DAMMIT!

It wasnt only the artwork that was excellent, the characatures of the world leaders were inventive and funny :P

Overall, excellent flash and my hat is off to you sir.

great job!!!

graphics are wonderful and themessage is AWESOME... i like it. kinda funny how bubba buffalo didnt sign til the end.. i can see the real bubba uu doing that.. stupid fat head.
humor was good violence for a one i saw a child in that car that was being molested... over all superb

5 out of 5

happy flashing!!!!


Finally! A Flash movie about the environment! Great! Lets have more (if the humans survive the first round).


what the hell... try discworld.... the 4 elephants (i forget their names right now) and the great atuin a turtle with a mind so vast and slow that great wizards take turns to read its mind... so far they know its going somewhere..... and thats about it...

brilliant man... just put something at the end rather than looping it and its sweet....

i like the british one... the lion...

go brits, we are the lions of ruling!

Raw Emotion and Needs to Be a PSA!

You did a wonderful job
So true though. while our President is funding all of our tax payer's money on his "War On Terror" he had no time to care about the Enviromental Issues
You should send this to any of the following: PETA, MoveOn.org, all NBC, CBS or ABC affiliates