Reviews for "Animal Politics"

man how you do it

how man how
how you make the animals faces look like the realy politicians, how man how.

Was ok

Meh i do agree with the point but the cause is of course contraversial. one thing i'm a little worried by is the fact that Bush had to be forced to sign(not to mention was the only one to show emotion) while everyone else did it openly. then again it is your flash and you are free to your own oppinion.


It was a good flash overall, even though I don't agree with it's message. The graphics were good, and the sound was superb, excluding the no voice bits, but it was just...so...ugh! If it wasn't a naturists movie, I would have awarded it more points! But this...I'm sorry but the tree-huggers movement doesn't need more followers, it needs more logic behind it! Again, cartoon good, point made, logic = non-existent!


I don't necessarily like tree-huggers, nature isn't so much in danger as they try to get society to believe, they're just mad cause they're poor and only have nature to give them joy, and I have no sympathy for poor people, it's they're fault they're in the situation they're in. I do believe in maybe 3 or 4 centuries from now nature could be in danger if we go the rate we're going at the moment, but we're already taking action on a lot of the environmental issues. The flash itself was pretty good though, nice graphics and gave me a little chuckle of what animal you chose Bush to be, heh. Forgive me if I have offended anyone by what I said up top, it's just my opinion.

meh.....not bad....

but not great....it had a great message, and i liked the whole theme of it....and the music was ok......buuuuuuutttttttttttttt i jsut didn't like it. it lacked voice acting, humor, and you could have done a bit more research for it. Its a politicol movie! there was tons of room for satire in it. for one you really could have struck at bushes "clean air act" (which dose more to ruin the air than an army's worh of humers). hell you could have at least done more than just show stuff snezing!

good idea...bad excuition. and anyone who dissagrees can either bite thier own cocks or I.M. me and say it to my perveribal face