Reviews for "Animal Politics"

all hail terry pratchet!!!

this is awesome. it gets you to realise the damage we are causing to the environment in fun way (also has an accurate representation of Bush). this should be shown to all world leaders.

could do with a play button etc. tho!


I liked it, very good smooth animation, wonderfull sound and the iead was great!
all around awesome flash, good job

Long Live Pratchett

wow, awseome, very clean, animation was very smooth, and nice quantity of scenes, and excelent pratchet mention 5/5


I've gotta agree that you did a good job drawing the animals faces to look like that of famous politicians, though I would've seen Bush as more of a monkey. It was kind of an odd mix however, the animals mannerisms were quite humorous yet then it got extremely serious with the penguins in oil and then back to the humor again. Overall it was pretty good.

Hey, good thinking

Exterminate man kind! It'll solve all problems...
hmm...sounds kinda harsh, but its true...
"Take care of nature, before nature takes care of us"
I love it!